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Solo/Group Play


Come in and experience our game library in the stand alone headsets. With a variety of single player, multi player, creative, RPGs, and puzzle games. 

Escape Rooms

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With 13 virtual reality escape rooms to choose from, you truly get immersed in the excitement. Whether you're lost in the jungle, trying to escape the House of Fears, or making your way through Chernobyl; challenge your mind and quick thinking.

1-4 players.

Laser Tag


Play virtual reality laser tag. Multiple maps to choose from makes this an awesome experience. 

2-4 players



Our racecar and flight simulators puts you in the seat! Fly through space or race with the pros. Strap yourself into one of our virtual reality treadmills. Run, walk, and move through the game as if you're really there. 

Reservations are preferred to ensure the best experience! 

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Level Up Virtual Reality. With our variety of experiences, including virtual reality escape rooms, laser tag, solo/group play, Kat VR Treadmills, flight and racecar simulators; we have something for everyone. Get ready to immerse yourself in a new world and create unforgettable memories.

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1025 Garden of the Gods Rd. Suite D

Colorado Springs, CO


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